My New Life in the UK

My life has changed on 1st April 2015 when my family and I moved to the United Kingdom.

My dad got a new, better, job so we decided to move here. I wasn’t happy to leave everything and everyone behind; I was upset and scared.

Life in the UK is totally different. Schools are different and people are also very different.To start school, you need to go to the council and register. You need to provide all the relevant details: when you arrived, your date of birth and address. The people working there will find the nearest school. After the registration the council will send you a letter with the starting date.

On your first day you need to take an English test to check your knowledge and ability. Usually the test is simple. After the test they teach you about the rules in school: school uniform, breaks. On the second day you need to tell them about your interests so you can choose the subjects you want to learn. Beside English, Maths and Science you can learn Art or Cooking or Drama. I’m in year 10 and next year I will take GCSE exams (almost like the Polish Mature exam) The good thing is that one of the subjects can be Polish.

Teachers here are very nice and helpful. They won’t tolerate racism and bullying. That makes us feel very safe. The school year finishes around the 17thof July for 6 weeks of summer holidays. It’s less than in Poland but it is more time off during the school year so it’s not too bad.

The thing I really like here are school uniforms. It’s so much better as everyone looks the same. People don’t need to worry that they don’t have designer clothes. We are only allowed to wear basic black shoes.

Beside school, life here is pretty cool. I managed to learn English after 2 months and now I can communicate with friends. My grades are better here than they were in Poland. I would recommend living in UK.

by Mariusz Lasoń (III a)


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