Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson on BBC


The series that beats records of popularity again returns to the big screen! The adventures of the famous detective and his friend a doctor of medicine won hearts of viewers. It would seem that the idea of the presentation of “Sherlock” in our times is a ridiculous idea. But the creators have a brilliant vision and  their work has became famous. Currently, the internet goes crazy on season 4 of Sherlock, which is to be released in 2017. The information was confirmed and the main characters return to the screen on January 1 this year on the BBC. 1 episode has not appeared yet on the Internet, but who knows. Those who want to watch it for sure will soon be able to do it. The time of the premiere of 2 and 3 the episode is unknown but if you are a true fan you will wait!  I hope that the 4th season won’t be the last one. A lot of people say that there is a chance for a fifth season. Hopefully, yes!
Let’s wait. If the 4th season  will delight audience as much the others they will for sure make the 5th one.
Will our friend detective reconcile solving puzzles, and bring up a child? And what are the antagonists who have to face a detective?
Benedict Cumberbatch will play the role of genius, and at the same time, mad detective,  Dr. John Watson will be again played by Martin Freeman.
If you are a true fan you have to see it!
by Joanna Kuziora  (1 d)

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